“With our world changing at an unprecedented pace the Entreprenaissance is the wave of entrepreneurial spirit that will harness this change for the good of mankind.”


-Creel Price

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Creel is co-founder of Investible, a global startup generator igniting and developing entrepreneurial talent and minimising the risk of pre-IPO investment through its business generation programs and closed network of early stage private equity investors. Creel’s unique founder development and business growth methodology forms the core of Investible’s programs.

Club Kidpreneur is a not-for-profit social enterprise founded by Creel in 2009 which exists to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in primary-aged children. Over the past seven years Club Kidpreneur has seen 10,000 kidpreneurs raise over $350,000 for worthy causes through starting their own micro-businesses.

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There are two types of entrepreneurs who prevent themselves from learning.

First, there are those with an inferiority complex. They don’t consider themselves an entrepreneur – such as a return-to-work parent, specialists at a particular trade or an inventor who stumbles upon a marketable product.

They’re embarrassed to put their methods under a spotlight but don’t realise that many entrepreneurs have been faking it until they make it.

Then there’s entrepreneurs with a superiority complex – those who, perhaps, have found success in the corporate world.

But being promoted to a high-level position doesn’t automatically mean they will be successful at running a small enterprise.

So whether you have an inferiority or superiority complex about business or are merely someone who is seeking the answers, the first step is to recognise that you need to invest in your own training.

General wisdom maintains that entrepreneurs are born not bred but I fundamentally believe that the role and skills of the entrepreneur can be trained and honed over time.
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There's often a dichotomy between profit and purpose.

But one of the things I'm passionate about is social enterprise -– harnessing the power of the entrepreneurial spirit to make a difference.

In fact, I believe the future of business is combining the best aspects of commerce with the best aspects of charity to build new models of business.

If you feel the same, share or tag your ideas and businesses in the comments.

Photo: First bootcamp with entrepreneurs from the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa - 2010
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Most people think #entrepreneurs are born not bred. But I fundamentally believe that the role and skills of the entrepreneur can be trained and honed over time.

One of the worst mistakes you can make as an #entrepreneur is to build your #business on assumptions.

In my latest article, I share three questions to help you validate your #businessmodel:

The future of business will combine the best of #commerce with the best aspects of charity to build new business models.

If you feel the same, retweet or reply with your ideas and businesses.

Photo: Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa - 2010

Are you the right person, with the right idea in the right place at the right time?

We all have problems. #Entrepreneurs find out the 'why', what part they can fix and where the opportunities lies. What's the problem you're solving?

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What are they saying?

Creel has been able to synthesise the business journey in a way that I have never seen before. It is fresh, intelligent, honest, and immediately provided me with a path.

Planet Cake,

Thank you on behalf of CPM for your participation and excellent contribution to what was undoubtedly one of our most successful conferences. The response to your presentation has been quite fantastic. I don't know anyone who was not totally engaged, entertained, stimulated and, appropriately, positively influenced by your story. We couldn't have asked for a more fitting and lively kick off to the conference.

CPM Asia Pacific,

Thank you again for the presentation you gave to IAG's Corporate Office on the 'Seven Deadly Sins of Innovation'. Your presentation was thoroughly entertaining, insightful and thought provoking and the feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. We particularly appreciated your willingness to make yourself available for numerous briefings ahead of the event, and the seamless way in which you were able to tailor the content of your presentation to maximise its relevance in an IAG context. We can't imagine a better way to have relaunched our innovation programme!

IAG Innovation Team,

Creel has created probably the most dynamic forum for business that this country has seen - it will do nothing less than set your soul on fire!

Lisa Messenger, Messenger Group,

Winning UberPitch and going on Bootcamp has vastly accelerated my business journey and exposed me to my tribe. Endless thanks.

Investible Bootcamp Participant,

Creel is a brilliant, inspiring teacher and visionary. His legacy is already enormous, but personally he’s significantly helped me to see that I too can achieve mine.

Investible Bootcamp Participant,

Creel’s authenticity and no-nonsense approach is very inspiring.

Yvonne Sum,

Creel is the living, breathing definition of an entrepreneur.

Sir Richard Branson,

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